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Executive Leadership Program Or Coaching In India | Young Leadership Program

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps in clarifying an individual’s thinking, provides greater level of self-awarenessand assists with balanced goal setting.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

I provide personalized 1-1 Executive Coaching services, focusing on helping senior professionals move to the next level of performance in both, professional and personal areas, that are important to them and to the organization. Coaching helps in clarifying an individual’s thinking, provides greater level of self-awareness and assists with balanced goal setting.

Benefits for an organization

  Helps in building a strong leadership pipeline
 Increases employee engagement & motivation
 Demonstrates the commitment by the organization towards leadership and talent development
 Develop stronger leaders with greater levels of self-awareness, empathy and boost in performance
 Helps identify and develop high potential employees

Coaching Format

Typically 12 months engagement, with 2 coaching sessions per month. This can be further customized based on client needs to smaller engagements of 6 or 9 months. A typical structure of the coaching engagement would include

 Initial goal setting and stakeholder meetings
 Coachee readiness meeting
 90-Minute conversations every two weeks ( remote or in person )
 Mid-engagement reviews with stakeholders
 Resources such as assignments, reading material
 Closing session

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